Property Concierge Service in Dominica



Are you concerned about the maintenance of a second home? You live many miles away, maybe even in another country, and a busy schedule makes it difficult to do what is necessary to maintain or even profit from the property?

Millenia Realty designed this Concierge Service for absentee homeowners with you in mind. Our services assist you in maintaining your second home while away, getting it ready for you or new occupants, and finally, ensuring that the property is cleaned and secured once the stay is concluded.  Every client is different therefore our services and service components are intended to be flexible enough to meet all unique needs. We believe that flexibility is essential in providing the superior service you deserve.

Our mission is to ease the burden of absentee homeownership and provide personalized concierge assistance to ensure enjoyable visits to your second home.


property concierge serviceServices include:

  • Be Ready Service
  • Cleaning Service
  • Maintenance and Landscaping
  • Rent collection




Our Be Ready service is designed for your full convenience and pleasure. Just a simple call or e-mail will get us ready, preparing your home for your arrival. We will ensure that your experience meets your expectation, your full transportation needs are met, the house is well prepared for your arrival, and that any other specialized requests are completed.

Other concierge service requests such as buying groceries, purchasing entertainment tickets, and making dinner reservations will be completed on request. Additionally, we will assist you during your stay as other needs arise. The Be Ready service allows you to simply walk into your home and begin enjoying it.



Our Cleaning Service makes it easy for you. We will ensure that the property is cleaned; the bedding and towels are laundered; dishes are washed and put away; driveways, walkways, and decks are cleaned off; trash is collected; and the security system is engaged.


MAINTENANCE AND LANDSCAPING Maintenance and Landscaping Service

Many absentee owners lament that their absence from their home causes it to deteriorate.  Our Maintenance and Landscaping service provides you the assurance that you home will remain in good repair during your absence. Our staff will assess all repairs and provide a fair and balanced report.  Maintenance of the properties will be undertaken by our support teams who will conduct activities relating to: structural retrofitting, plumbing, electrical, painting, landscaping, housekeeping and gardening.

Our links to the construction industry will ensure that the repairs are done by the most accomplished for that task. All maintenance is supervised by our staff to ensure quality with cost efficacy.



When you choose Millenia Realty to handle your property, a dedicated property manager will be assigned to your property who will relieve you from the stress of keeping track of and collecting rents from tenants.


We provide a flexible service design that allows to pick and choose the services and the service components as needed. Use us on an on-call or a programmed basis. Use one aspect of our service or all of them. As frequently as you desire (weekly, twice monthly, monthly or quarterly), a Millenia Realty associate will visit your property for a detailed inspection. If you so desire, we can also pay monthly utility bills for you. We will meet with you to determine which services you desire and how those services are to be delivered as well as their frequency.


Get In Touch

The first step towards using our Concierge Service is to get in touch. Complete the contact form (top right) and someone from our office will get back to you. You can also call our office on telephone: +1 (767) 617-4191 / (767) 440-7712